English and communication skills coaching for tech specialists
Talk to Ri is a mobile app to improve spoken English, learn new words and become a better professional
Practice your pronunciation
Learn how to talk to your international team, management or client. Practice work scenarios and get feedback on your pronunciation
Collect words in the app or while surfing the web using our extension, train to pronounce them, review these words in real-work contexts to memorize them
Diversity & Inclusion
Learn how to make your workspace an inclusive and welcoming place. Develop your cultural awareness for better team communication
For Business

Of executives say communication is a problem for multilingual teams*
Of employers have an English language skills gap
$75 MILLION is at risk for every $1 billion spent on projects due to miscommunication
We help your teams grow and show better performance
Every employee needs tools that support their professional growth and help to work more effectively.

Talk to Ri - is a tool for tech professionals that helps to improve English, upgrade leadership and presentation skills and to create an inclusive work environment in multinational teams.
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